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Vanderbilt Students Tour Sunfrog in Gaylord

March 2, 2022 – Michigan Works! organized a Talent Tour for Vanderbilt students to tour the manufacturing facility at Sunfrog – Print On Demand Company in Gaylord. Nine students attended, eight who were also enrolled in the WIOA Youth Program.

While touring the facility, students were able to see a variety of services Sunfrog can provide via various technologies including laser engraving, UV printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment, screen printing, and pick and ship. Students were informed that at Sunfrog they do their own in-house training, so no specific educational background or prior printing knowledge is required for employment. Sunfrog also cross-trains their staff.

After the tour, Kirtland Community College distributed handouts on Industrial Trades and Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professional Melissa McDonnell discussed and handed out information regarding the online Career Pathfinder tool.

Students enjoyed the Talent Tour and are hopeful to attend more in the future. They were interested to learn more about Sunfrog’s in-house training as well as how Sunfrog gets its customer base.


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