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Nursing Career Realized Thanks To Michigan Works Support Services

Sierra Chamberlain was finding it a challenge trying to figure out how she was going to pay for college, plus all the additional costs associated with the nursing program. Time management was also a concern for her; it was difficult to make time for studying outside of classes and clinicals, as well as all the driving to and from school. To help her with these issues, Sierra went to her local Michigan Works! office in Cheboygan.

Michigan Works! was able to help Sierra not only with her tuition costs at North Central Michigan College, but also her books, scrub and tools required for the nursing program, mileage reimbursement, drug testing, and the NCLEX exam costs.

Thanks to the assistance she received from Michigan Works!, Sierra received her Associate’s degree and RN license and started working at McLaren Bay Region as a Registered Nurse, making over $33 per hour.

Sierra says her biggest challenge was figuring out how she could balance the cost of tuition and other expenses while attending Nursing school, which is quite demanding. She says, it was difficult, but thanks to Michigan Works, I had great resources to help me through it.

“I am so thankful for Michigan Works staff and all the help they have provided over the past 2 years,” says Sierra. “It has allowed me to only have to take out a small loan and not be in a lot of debt right out of school. I am very grateful for this Michigan Works program. The Nursing program is very challenging and because of their financial help, I could focus all my time on school and not have to worry about working.”


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