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Michigan Works! Helps Jobseeker Find Perfect Fit

Mark came in to the Gaylord Michigan Works! office looking for a job that was closer to his home, hopefully with flexible hours. His wife had become sick in 2020 and he needed to take care of her. He was forced to quit his trucking job, since it required him to be gone throughout the week, but he did want to find a part-time position nearby.

After reviewing the Michigan Works! job board, Mark saw a position at Ell-Tron Manufacturing, which was only a mile away from his home. Michigan Works! Career Navigator, DeVonna, let Mark know that not only was it close to home, they also offered flexible hours. Mark applied that day and was hired within the same week!

Now employed at Ell-Tron as a Rubber Plastic Mold Machine Operator, Mark says it’s a friendly place to work with flexible hours that work great for him and his family’s needs.

Mark says he gained confidence after coming into Michigan Works! to search for a job, noting that the staff is very helpful with the information and tools to help people find new employment.


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