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Michigan Works! Assistance Keeps Worker On The Road

Ken came to Michigan Works! in Grayling hoping they could help. He has a seasonal job, as well as a second job as a home health care giver, but with slimming hours as of late, he found himself unable to pay for his car insurance or the propane he needed to heat the camper he lived in. If he couldn’t drive to his direct care clients, he’d lose his second job.

Thanks to the BRES program (Barrier Removal Employment Success), Michigan Works! Career Navigator Amanda was able to help Ken get his insurance current, so he could legally drive his vehicle for work. She was also able to help him get the propane he needed to heat his camper.

Thanks to the assistance provided by the BRES program, Ken is able to get to work without worries and is able to sleep better at night, now that his camper has heat.


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