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Wolverine Students Attend Career Engagement Event at Kirtland Community College

December 2 — Thirty-two students from Wolverine High School attended a career engagement event at Kirtland Community College’s main campus in Grayling, as well as the M-TEC center in Gaylord. During their visits, the students were able to learn about local post-secondary education options and were exposed to a variety of different career fields. The students toured the campus and were able to visit the Health Science labs, MILO simulator, Automotive shop, Cosmetology, Arts, Robotics lab, Welding, and several other areas. At the beginning of the day, students were asked if they knew what their post-high school plans were and many students were unsure. Post-event the school let Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium Youth Career Advisor Seth Gruenberg know that the students had nothing but positive feedback. Additionally, it was disclosed that one student was so impressed by the Robotics Lab that they had decided that is the career path they want to pursue post-high school.


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