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Vanderbilt Students Tour H.B. Carbide in Lewiston

October 18, 2023 - Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium coordinated a Talent Tour for 22 Vanderbilt high school students to tour H.B. Carbide in Lewiston. The students got a full tour of the facility and were able to hold and touch a few pieces of carbide in-process, as well as finished product and a container with the powder that starts the initial process. Students were able to compare the finished product with the unfinished product to visualize the size difference due to heat shrinking. They toured everything from shipping and receiving to CNC to product room. At the end of the tour, students were offered a t-shirt if they wanted one.

During the tour, H.B. Carbide staff discussed the various positions at the facility and the education requirements, which ranged from high school diploma to bachelor’s degree. Staff covered a variety of career pathways, including production, engineer, 3d printing tech, cnc operator, office, and more. Students we also introduced to Career Investigator and Career Pathfinder information was distributed.


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