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Rogers City Students Tour Moran Iron Works and Industrial Arts Institute

April 12, 2024 – Moran Iron Works and Industrial Arts Institute opened their doors for a Talent Tour for 13 Rogers City High School students.

The day began at Moran Iron Works with a brief safety lesson and video on some of the larger projects has completed. Once students were equipped with safety glasses they were were taken on a tour the facility. Throughout the tour students had the opportunity to ask questions about the things they were observing as they walked through production areas, painting areas, project management, and the rest of the shop floor. Students were exposed to a variety of the work done at Moran Iron Works, seeing projects just getting started, as well as those nearing completion.


Students were amazed at the size of many of the projects being worked on and were very impressed by the boat that is being built in the shop.


Following the tour, students headed to Industrial Arts Institute to learn about the comprehensive welding school. After hearing about how the program works, what the expectations are, the cost, financing options and much more, students entered the lab where they were able to view equipment and welding bays, as well as look in on some unique projects that are ongoing.


Students enjoyed seeing all the different equipment in use and were impressed by some of the more artistic projects done at Industrial Arts Institute.


Learning about welding as a career, as well as how big in  scale the projects done at Moran Iron Works are, students realized that there is more than one type of welding and that there are great opportunities right in their back yard. With changes in certification, students learned that welding requires ongoing education, and that although it takes skill, welding is also a form of art and is much more complex than simply laying a bead.


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