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Michigan Works! Youth Program Helps Prepare Teen for the Workforce

Delilah came to Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium in January 2023 looking for employment and help with completing High School. She was enrolled into the WIOA In-School Program, as well as Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG).

Jeanie Flory, Youth Career Advisor and JMG Specialist, worked with Delilah over the next year to assist with keeping her grades up and assist with employment, since the job she had as a hostess was not what she wanted to do anymore. Delilah knew she had potential and wanted more experience in the real world.

Jeanie assisted Delilah over the year with obtaining her drivers license, getting her car registered, and obtaining car insurance. Michigan Works! was also able to provide Delia with gas vouchers and mileage reimbursement during her job search and subsequent work experience. Jeanie and Delilah also discussed career options. Delilah thought she wanted to go into the Real Estate Business, or so she thought. Jeanie worked with fellow MW! employees to find a potential work experience, but was unsuccessful. Jeanie and Delilah were able to connect with a local State Farm Insurance agent, Cory, to discuss work experience opportunities and Cory was excited at the opportunity. She interviewed Delilah and thought it would be a great fit.

Delilah started her paid work experience at State Farm in Rogers City in February 2024. She works in the office as an assistant, making phone calls, answering the phone, greeting customers and is now designing and doing the upkeep on social media pages for the company as well.

Delilah recently attended the Rogers City Career Expo at Rogers City High School where she represented State Farm and was able to speak to other students about what she does. She also talked about how Michigan Works! and JMG were able to assist her with obtaining employment. This was the first-ever Career Expo at Rogers City High School that was facilitated by Michigan Works! with collaboration of the Downtown Development Authority.

Delilah is very happy about the opportunity presented to her and may end up in the insurance field after graduation in 2025.

“Thanks again for all of your help and guidance connecting me with Delilah,” says State Farm Insurance Agent, Cory Budnick. “I cannot stress how excited I am to work with her and help her develop employment skills. I was so impressed with her at the Student Career Expo. She started the day hesitant and shy, afraid to really talk with the students and engage with them. She sat back and listened to the way I approached the students, told them a little bit about State Farm and introduced her as our “Marketing and Social Media Intern.” Within an hour, as soon as a student would approach our table, she was the one greeting them, introducing herself and asking them about their career interests. A complete 360 in terms of confidence, poise and engagement from the start of the dayto the end!”


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