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Michigan Works! – WORK…in 15 minutes!

Brian True had lost his job the same morning he came in to Michigan Works! in Grayling. He looked disheartened as he talked to the Michigan Works! Career Navigator, Chris Southwell. They talked about his skillset, what he was looking for, and that he was a veteran.

Brian was feeling like he had chosen the wrong profession to sharpen his skills when he lost his job, but Michigan Works! staff were able to boost his confidence a bit when their quick actions led to multiple employers wanting him right away! While Career Navigator Marie Thompson gathered Brian’s resume information, CN Chris Southwell made some calls for employment opportunities. Business Solutions Professional Alayne Hansen, who communicates closely with employers in the area, knew exactly where to look to place Brian.

Knowing he had the experience that quite a few employers were actively seeking, Michigan Works! staff made a few phone calls. One call was to Furnace Guru, who had been looking for an HVAC Technician. Brian contacted the company right away (literally in the Michigan Works! parking lot) and was hired on the spot via a phone interview. Brian came back into the office all smiles to let the helpful Michigan Works! staff know that he’d be starting his new job the very next morning!

Not only was Brian ecstatic to find new employment so quickly, it really made the Michigan Works! staff’s day to use teamwork to help a displaced worker find new employment so quickly! In addition, Brian’s new position pays $2 more per hour than his previous job!

Brian states, “The staff was very helpful and connected me with an employer within 15 minutes – who hired me on the spot! I am very thankful for their services and I would highly recommend them for any displaced workers!”


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