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Michigan Works! Tuition Assistance and Support Help Health Aid Pursue Nursing Career

Prior to enrolling in the 2-year Nursing Program at Kirtland Community College, Jan was stuck in a physically and mentally abusive relationship. Unfortunately, the home health care job she was working in was barely enough to pay her own bills, let alone go to a safe place. She got a reprieve from her situation when she began helping her grandmother provide care for her great-aunt, who was in hospice. Caring for her great-aunt helped Jan realize that she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare caring for others. She came to Michigan Works! to see how they could help her achieve her goals.

“Michigan Works! provided me with help in so many aspects,” says Jan. “Their financial aid allowed me to take on less hours at work and focus on my program of study. The mileage assistance made it possible for me to take care of my vehicle, considering the long travel required to classes and clinicals. Their assistance helped me move towards a better life, where I can support myself and my now fiancé, (who also helped me get out of my prior situation).”

To cover Jan’s tuition and mileage, Michigan Works! was able to utilize funding from a variety of programs. The assistance Michigan Works! provided allowed Jan to focus on her studies and maintain a GPA of 3.67. She earned a spot on the National Honors Society, as well as KCC’s President’s and Dean’s Lists. By her graduation day, she had already secured a job as a graduate nurse at Otsego Memorial Hospital.

“I faced many challenges during my time working with Michigan Works!,” says Jan. “Including having to repeat classes after experiencing medical issues. But the Michigan Works! program showed me that people still believed in me and that with hard work and perseverance, I could do anything I put my mind to.”

Thanks to the tuition assistance and supportive services provided by Michigan Works!, Jan was able to graduate from Kirtland Community College with honors and become a graduate nurse, soon to be RN.

“The mileage assistance helped me get to my classes and clinicals, where I was able to explore more aspects of nursing, and what you can do in them,” said Jan. “Michigan Works! opened up a career to me that wouldn’t have been possible without their help!”


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