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Michigan Works! Helps Single Mom Retain Employment After Her Loss of Transportation

Alisha had a lot of challenges in her life, from being raised in a single parent home to being a teen mom and single parent herself. She’s always been able to keep a job and has two children at home to care for. When her vehicle was totaled, she found herself stressed and worried about how she’d pay her bills and feed her family if she lost her job. There was no way she’d be able to get back and forth to work (a 45 mile one-way trip) without her vehicle and she needed the insurance money to come in and to find a new car. She didn’t want to lose her job, so she came to Michigan Works! seeking assistance.

Career Navigator Jenny at Michigan Works! was able to work with Alisha and to provide her a 6-night stay at a hotel nearby her employment, so she could walk to work each day she was scheduled, until she found a new vehicle. Her ex was able to watch the kids for those days, until she was able to secure a new vehicle and get back home.

With the help of Michigan Works!, Alisha was able to make it through this rough patch and maintain her employment. Thankful for the assistance received, Alisha states, “Through the help of the people at Michigan Works! in Onaway, I was able to have a place to stay close to my work and maintain my employment while I found a new vehicle. My job is very important to me, as I have two children to care for. This help meant a lot to me!”

Alisha also states that in the future she will be trying to set aside some money in case of another emergency.


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