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Atlanta Students Tour Kirtland Community College’s M-TEC Campus

December 5, 2023 – Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium coordinated a tour of Kirtland Community College’s M-TEC campus at the University Center in Gaylord for 21 Atlanta high school students. The students completed a walk-through tour of all available programing, including HVAC, Welding & Fabrication, Electrical Technology, CNC and more.

Kirtland’s Academic Director Luann Mabarak began with an information session which reviewed the available programs, requirements, certification and degree programs, as well as how to apply for the programs and potential career opportunities. After the info session, an interactive pop quiz was held and students received M-TEC swag for correct answers. The students were impressed by the variety of programming available and the labs for Electrical, HVAC, and Welding. Many students didn’t realize that Kirtland Community College had more than one campus location.


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