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After 2 Layoffs Man Lands 2 New Jobs with Help from Michigan Works

Jim came to Michigan Works! in Gaylord after being let go from a job downstate due to an injury followed by surgery. He was down and out when he moved to Gaylord and landed a factory job. Unfortunately, that company went through a round of layoffs and Jim found himself unemployed once again. He ran into several obstacles when filing his unemployment and had his hopes dashed when several job offers he had turned out to be scams.

Working with the Career Navigator Mya at Michigan Works!, Jim continued his job search, built a resume, worked on his computer skills, and received assistance with job applications. He was offered a part-time position with Home Depot and was enjoying the work, but wasn’t getting enough hours to qualify for benefits so he applied at Spartan Nash as well.

Jim landed a second job at Spartan Nash in a position that offered benefits including pet insurance for his best girl Molly! He is happy to say that both positions offer different schedules, so he will remain at both jobs.

Thankful for the help he received, Jim continues to stop by the Michigan Works! office and give the staff updates.

Jim says, “no matter what, you just have to keep moving forward!”


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