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Vanderbilt Students Tour Gaylord Regional Airport

May 10, 2024 – Eleven Vanderbilt students, grades 9-12, toured Gaylord Regional Airport during a Talent Tour coordinated by Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium. Shari Rivest, Director of the Gaylord Regional Airport provided the tour and talked about how she became the director. During the tour, students learned about different careers including pilot, airplane mechanic, and ground fire crew. The US Forest Service, along with Dauntless Air with their Fire Boss planes, were onsite allowing students to speak directly with their pilots and ground crew. The students also toured North Country Aviation and Northern Michigan Jet Services, both located at the airport. Throughout the tour, students were able to go inside of the planes to see what the various compartments and controls look like. They were also able to see the fire planes and helicopter up close and learn how they pick up water to release and help fight fires. All students reported that they enjoyed the tour and they learned that there are a lot of career opportunities when it comes to Aviation.


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