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Onaway Students Tour Sunfrog in Gaylord

November 2, 2022 – Thirty-one Onaway seniors attended a Talent Tour at Sunfrog in Gaylord. The students spent over an hour at the facility where they were greeted and introduced to the staff. They also learned about how Johannesburg-Lewiston High School alumni, Josh Kent, started the company and the path it took to today’s current operations and future expansion.

COO, Jenn Paffi along with Nicole Mathis and Kristin Neff provided the students with an overview of each department within the facility including, pick and ship, leather, screen printing, embroidery, and more. Jenn and the staff were eager to answer questions and see the upcoming talent in Northern Michigan. Both staff and students from Onaway School were impressed with the Talent Tour. Students and staff asked several questions regarding employment, opportunities for growth within the company and how to apply. After the tour, Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium Youth Career Advisor staff discussed the online Pathfinder career exploration tool, Youth Work Experience opportunities, and other services that Michigan Works! provides.


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