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Mio Students Tour Moran Iron Works and Industrial Arts Institute

November 20, 2023 - Moran Iron Works and the Industrial Arts Institute hosted a talent tour for 24 Mio High School Students.

The day began at Moran Iron Works with a brief presentation about what the company does, before a tour of the entire facility. Students were able to observe machines in use, welders working hard, and were amazed by the large overhead cranes capable of lifting up to 30 tons of material. In addition to seeing welding and fabrication in action, students were able to see the latest projects the Moran Iron Works crew were working on and had plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

After Moran’s tour, the students traveled down the road to Industrial Arts Institute. Students were provided an introduction to what goes on at the school, how each cohort or class has a maximum of 24 students who are selected to participate, viewed student projects on display, and discussed the typical day of a student at the institute. Students then entered the lab area where they observed Industrial Arts Institute students at work, and all the equipment and machines used to train students.

A highlight at the Industrial Arts Institute for many of students was seeing and talking with two Mio High School alumni who are now attending the welding school. Mio High School and Moran Iron Works have a partnership, and at least one of the students on the tour is interested in attending Industrial Arts Institute next year.

Those attending the tour were able to learn about all the different things welders do, how much they earn, and that there are many career pathways in the welding and fabrication world. Students really enjoyed seeing all the large projects at Moran Iron Works and all of the student projects on display at Industrial Arts Institute.

Students enjoyed seeing all of the large projects at Moran Iron Works, as well as observing everyone working in the shop. Some students mentioned that they learned that welding was something that took a lot of time and patience. One student mentioned realizing that there was a lot more to going to the school than just welding, as they treat it like a workplace for students.


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