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Michigan Works! Outfits New Hire With Job-Ready Attire

Amy had been laid off since March 2020 due to COVID and her unemployment insurance assistance ended in September 2021. It had been difficult for Amy to staying afloat and due to being home all that time not working, she realized she had gone up a few sizes and would need new work clothing.

When she was hired on as a receptionist for McLaren in Petoskey she really needed some dress clothes immediately. She stopped in at Michigan Works! in Cheboygan and talked with Career Navigator Rachel to see if they could help. Thankfully, Michigan Works! was able to utilize BRES (Barrier Removal Employment Success) funding, which was able to offer Amy assistance clothing for her new job.

Amy says, “I’m so happy to have been offered this position! Thanks to Rachel and Michigan Works! I was able to buy some work attire to look presentable in my new position.”

Amy also states that she hopes to start saving soon, just in case situations like this arise in the future.


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