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Michigan Works! Offers Job Search Help, Referrals, and Even Steel-Toed Boots

Todd lost his job at Lowes and came to the Grayling Michigan Works! office looking for job leads. He began working with Career Navigators Amanda and Christina for help with his job search and referrals to jobs for which he’d be a good fit. They provided him with quite a few job leads, including one for the Crawford County Road Commission.

Five days after Todd’s initial visit to Michigan Works!, he was in the office filling out job applications and received the phone call he was hoping for. He was offered the position as a laborer for the Road Commission! During that call his new boss told him he was going to need steel toed boots to start. Todd relayed his joy about the job offer to Amanda, as well as his concern about how he was going to be able to purchase the new boots he needed. Luckily, Michigan Works! had a program that could help. Amanda was able to secure BRES funding (Barrier Removal Employment Success) to help Todd purchase new work boots prior to his first day of work.

Todd was very appreciative of the employment services he received, including the job leads, computer assistance, resume and application guidance, and support service funds thanks to the BRES program.

Todd writes, “I just want to thank Ms. Amanda and Ms. Christina for everything they did for me and my family. They even helped me get steel toed boots for my new job. I’m so grateful to Michigan Works!”


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