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Michigan Works! Helps Single Mom Start Her New Career

Brenda, a 16 year Army veteran and single mom of 6 (2 with learning disabilities) was looking to start a new career, but she needed a little extra help to make everything work with her new job.

She came to Michigan Works! hoping for assistance. She had a new job offer, but she needed assistance with work appropriate clothing and with gas money to get back and forth to work prior to her first paycheck.

Thanks to the BRES (Barrier Removal Employment Success) funding, Career Navigator Rachel at Michigan Works! was able to help Brenda purchase a few new shirts to wear to work, as well as gas money.

Thankful for the assistance she received, Brenda replied, “They were so nice to me and willing to help. I now have clothes and gas for my truck for work. Thank you so much Michigan Works! Great people at Michigan Works! in Cheboygan!”


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