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Michigan Works! Helps RN-To-Be Further Her Training

Monica Alexander was taking accelerated courses at Alpena Community College, which included the transition from LPN to RN. Her expected graduation date was 12/21, but she was worried that wasn't going to happen because she was having difficulties trying to cover all the costs included. Monica came to Michigan Works! to see if they could help.

Utilizing WIOA Adult funds, Michigan Works! was able to help Monica pay for her tuition costs, books, required clothing, and laptop replacement.

Thanks to the assistance Michigan Works! was able to provide, Monica has so far completed her LPN portion of training on 3/26/21. Monica has what it takes to work hard and plans to continue to complete her goals of becoming an RN.

"Thank you so much for everything!," says Monica. "You have been such an amazing help to me during this journey. I appreciate everything."


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