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Michigan Works! Helps Realize Dream to Become a Lineman

"I reached out to Michigan Works as I was struggling to pay for my training at Alpena Community College," says Nicholas Byrne. "My dream job was to become a lineman, and after a few years of college I decided to get into the Consumer's Energy lineman program at Alpena Community College. After using my savings to pay for my college, I was going to be short the money to pay for my lineman classes."

"Michigan Works! got back with me almost instantly, and they began to help me through the enrollment process. After completing all of my paperwork, I was informed I would be awarded the perfect amount to pay for my final portion of training," states Nicholas. "I am very grateful for all the help and support from Michigan Works! Thanks to their assistance, I now work for Consumers Energy as an Apprentice Lineman!"

"I was involved in sports throughout high school, and I was awarded a scholarship to play baseball in college. But I decided that my path was not in business and I decided to save money in order to pay for my lineman training. My first semester was paid through savings, and I was granted an opportunity to go through Consumers Energy 11-week training program through Alpena’s advanced certificate program."

"I was tremendously challenged when I realized I was becoming very short on funds as I continued to pursue my dream. Michigan Works!, and all of its associates, were extremely helpful, and they walked me step by step through any questions I had. If it weren’t for Michigan Works!, I would be extremely far in debt and not able to start the way I have."


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