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Michigan Works! Delivers Job Seeker a New Career

Due to a few bad decisions, Deandre was off to a rough start. He was unemployed and financially strapped, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for work, and he needed guidance and assistance so he came to Michigan Works!

Michigan Works! Career Navigator, DeVonna, began assisting Deandre by helping him apply for his unemployment insurance and by having him complete a resume workshop. She helped him navigate using the computer and updating his resume, then they began his job search. After talking to a Michigan Works! Career Advisor, Deandre decided he wanted to go to school to get his CDL Class A. Michigan Works! was able to pay for Deandre’s training at Road Warriors Truck Driving School, after which he landed a job at Auto Wares as a delivery driver.

Happy with his better paying and more stable position, Deandre is thankful for the help he received from Michigan Works! to launch his new career.

Deandre says, “In addition to getting my financial aid to complete my Class A from Road Warrior Truck Driving School and help with job searches, Michigan Works! staff was very helpful in helping me get through my unemployment and food assistance processes that I had to utilize.”


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