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Michigan Works! Coordinates Talent Tours for Alpena Students

March 8 — Michigan Works! coordinated a tour for fourteen students and two staff from Alpena Schools at Kirtland Community College in Grayling. Students began the tour by reviewing a packet of information from college Admissions Coordinator, Cesalee Kuffel. She provided an overview of programs offered at the college and some financial assistance information. The students toured through the nursing, wood sciences, cosmetology, criminal justice, and automotive departments to learn about the programs and the process for enrollment.

That same day, eighteen students and four staff from Alpena Schools attended a Talent Tour at Weyerhaeuser in Grayling. Because safety of employees and guests is a core value at Weyerhaeuser, students were suited up in protective gear and given a briefing on safety during the tour. Then students were then broken into small groups and led around the plant by Weyerhaeuser staff. The students saw the enormous pile of logs in the yard, and walked through the whole plant seeing how the logs are debarked, dried, and manufactured into OSB boards.

There were so many areas to see in the 2 hour tour, and so many questions to answer from the students, which impressed the Weyerhaeuser staff. The staff shared several stories of entry level positions turning into high paying careers at Weyerhaeuser, and the generous pay and benefit package. They also talked about the advancement opportunities and how Weyerhaeuser invests in professional development by providing employees the opportunity to learn, develop, upskill and reskill which leads to longevity with the company. At the end of the tour students convened in a conference room for a video and wrap up discussion about Weyerhaeuser and the plant tour, Michigan Works! services and Career Pathfinder. Overall, it was an exceptional tour put on by the staff of Weyerhaeuser.


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