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Michigan Works! Career Training Assistance Helps Caregiver Advance Career

Kalub came to Michigan Works! seeking assistance to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. This is his story…

"Before I came to Michigan Works! to ask for help with furthering my education in skilled nursing, I felt lost. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my career, because I've been a caregiver for many years, but felt like I wasn't going anywhere. So, I started seeking career advancement and seeing what I would be interested in. Then I came across a Fast-Track Certified Nursing Assistant course. I felt like I had a calling to that class, but knew I couldn't afford it. I was bummed, but then I remembered that Michigan Works! might be able to help. I went into the Michigan Works! office the same day I found out about the class. The wonderful Career Navigator Jessica helped me out tremendously with my paperwork, because of the tight deadline I was on. I competed all steps necessary that same week and my information was sent over to Career Advisor Chelsea to see if I was suitable. The absolutely amazing Chelsea let me know I was accepted for full funding for the class! I can just say the immense amount of relief and joy I had was unreal!! I was so thankful for these two ladies. The schooling was such an eye opener. I learned so much from it and gained so much knowledge for this field. I am now officially a Board-Certified Nursing Assistant. I couldn't be happier. All thanks to Michigan Works!"


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