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Grayling High Students Attend Entrepreneurship Presentation & Talent Tour

July 20—Four Grayling High School students and two instructors attended a presentation on Entrepreneurship on July 20, 2022. Students met at the Michigan Works! Grayling office and kicked off the afternoon with a well-balanced lunch and learned about making healthy food choices.

Guest speaker, and business owner Carol Alayne presented her story via live video on starting a business in London England where she has been living since 1988. She is a master tailor and clothing designer and has created suits and gowns for the London Symphony Orchestra performers, and continues to design and hand make clothing for numerous artists, musicians and for Olympic teams. She was able to show students some of her work, and the tools she uses to create her clothing and accessories.

Carol talked to the students about finding good mentors and role models to help in pursuing dreams. She spoke to them about taking risks and finding purpose and passion in a career. There was good discussion among the student about their own interests and questions about starting and owning a business.

Carol demonstrated hand-stitching and the tools she uses daily to create, tailor and add the finishing touches to her garments.

After the presentation, the students went on to visit Grayling Fitness Center and had a tour of the gym from owner, Rich Ferrigan. Rich talked about starting his own business, and maintaining bookkeeping and memberships, taking out loans to purchase new equipment and the gym expansion. The students were able to use the T-Rex bands for a brief total body workout and operate the spin bikes for a short aerobic exercise. The tour ended with questions and answers including nutrition, supplements and healthy lifestyle choices.


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