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Alro Steel Holds Talent Tour for Grayling High Students

July 13, 2022 - Six students and two instructors from Grayling High School attended a Talent Tour at Alro Steel on July 13, 2022.

The tour started off with Plant Manager, Jason Sanderson introducing the students to Alro Steel and a background of the company.

The students suited up with safety equipment and continued their tour into the plant to learn about the metals, industrial supplies, and plastics the company cuts and distributes. They were able to see large beams of steel and learn about how they are weighed and shipped out to customers, and the inventory process.

Jason shared the entry level jobs available at Alro Steel and the many career opportunities that can be achieved by learning and growing with the company. The students were well prepared with several questions and very impressive interaction with the plant staff.

Following the tour the students were treated to pizza at Michigan Works! and were given a summary of programs and services the agency offers, including Career PathFinder, and a tour of the office.


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