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2 Hours Until a New Job – Michigan Works! WORKS!

John came to Michigan Works! in Grayling, explaining that he was homeless and needed help finding a job. He had just used his last $8 to fill his gas tank to be able to drive to the office seeking assistance.

Michigan Works! Career Navigator, Amanda, explained the services Michigan Works! could offer and they immediately began a one-on-one resume workshop. After building his resume, Amanda helped him search for jobs and apply to four positions. He hand delivered one of the applications and was hired on-the-spot, but, since he had used his last $8 for gas to get to Michigan Works!, he wasn’t sure how he was going to get to and from his new job until his first paycheck. Luckily, Amanda was once again able to assist by offering BRES funding (Barrier Removal Employment Success) to help John pay for gas so he could start his new job the next day.

In a matter of only a few hours at Michigan Works!, not only did John receive help to create a great resume, but he landed a same-day employment offer and transportation assistance for the next two weeks. Now that’s service!


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