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Youth Program Helps Teen Ride Out the Wave and Launch New Career

When Trevor met with Michigan Works! Youth Career Advisor Jessie Trumble, he knew what he wanted to do, he just needed someone to help him through the process.

Jessie enrolled Trevor in the WIOA Youth Program and Jobs for Michigan Graduates (JMG). Through Michigan Works!, Trevor received high school completion supports, career exploration, post-secondary prep and transition supports, and supportive services as needed (such as mileage, car insurance, housing, clothing, and employment related requirements). One of the most impactful things to Trevor was the extra adult support and guidance that Jessie provided, as he lost both parents during his program participation.

With Jessie’s mentorship, Trevor completed high school and received a post-secondary degree as a Great Lakes Maritime Academy Engineering Officer. He says he learned that no matter what life throws at you, you have to be persistent and ride out the wave - all while prepping for the next one.

Trevor says he’s extremely appreciative of the services provided by his various career advisors. He states that if they weren't there to help him along the way, he would have been completely lost and the supportive services were completely appreciated. He was happy that programs like these exist, because they help so many people.


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