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Young Father Thankful for Michigan Works! Transportation Assistance

Adam is a young father who works a good job painting making $25/hour, but his employment is seasonal so money still gets tight. When his newly leased car ended up having issues, it put his finances in a tight spot. He came to Michigan Works! to see if they could help.

Thanks to BRES funding (Barrier Removal Employment Success), Michigan Works! was able to help Adam get new tires on his car, so he could continue commuting to/from his job, as well as take his child to appointments, etc.

Michigan Works! also referred Adam to the Michigan Works! Youth Career Advisor and Adult Ed provider so he could work on getting his GED/diploma and potentially pursue a certification as a mechanic.

"Money is my biggest challenge and I'm learning better ways to get better at saving money,” says Adam. “This experience really helped me understand how important it is to have an emergency fund and money saved up. But, also how there are resources out there that can help you when you’re in a tough situation."


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