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Wolverine Students Tour SunFrog in Gaylord

April 19 – Seventeen students from Wolverine Schools toured SunFrog Manufacturing, a print-on-demand company in Gaylord.

Students were able to see a variety of services provided through various technologies SunFrog has implemented including: Laser Engraving, UV Printing, Embroidery, Direct-to-Garment, Screen Printing, and Pick and Ship.

The types of careers available and education requirements were also discussed. Students were informed they do not have to have specific educational background or prior knowledge for most of the positions at SunFrog, as SunFrog does their own "in house" training and they cross train their staff. In addition, the Director of HR explained what educational requirements were needed for HR and Sales.

At the end of the Talent Tour, Michigan Works! staff handed out information on Career Pathfinder and they discussed what information students could find on the website.

Student feedback was positive, with students reporting they learned a lot about how the products were made. Many were surprised at how large the company is, that they ship worldwide, and how many positions are available.

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