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Roscommon Students Tour CSI Emergency Apparatus

May 28 - Sixteen students from Roscommon Schools participated in a Talent Tour at CSI Emergency Apparatus. Company Co-Owner Mark Brown began the tour by sharing with students how his career began in manufacturing with skills he acquired at Kirtland Community College.

Students learned how the company makes fire engines starting with a chassis. Many hours of CAD drawing and fabrication work go into the design and build process. Mark touched on the different welding techniques; MIG and TIG used in his builds and skills like auto mechanics and wiring that he looks for in new hires. He shared CAD diagrams of a new brush truck with the students, which they were able to compare to the completed design in the shop. He pointed out that they are many opportunities for young people if they have the drive and motivation.

Mark’s company is very generous with time off, pay and benefits and offers flex time. Overtime hours are only performed during the week, so weekends remain open for family time, something Mark and his employees value. He mentioned these attributes so students could see the value of working for a small company and the perks that come with it.

CSI participates in Manufacturing Month every year and welcomes the opportunity for students to tour the facility. Mark encourages students to get an education and pursue something they love to do.


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