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Onaway Seniors Tour Ossineke Industries

November 28, 2023 - Ossineke Industries, a Star Cutter Company, hosted 24 seniors from Onaway High School for a talent tour coordinated by Michigan Works! Students arrived and were split into two groups, with one group beginning the day in the conference room for an informational presentation, while the other group started on the shop floor.

The shop floor tour started at the part of the shop where material is made into drill bits used for boring out firearms by Caterpillar and many other companies. Material is taken from the stock and put into machines to make them grooved and shaped. From there the material is taken to a heat room to straighten and strengthen. Students were walked through the entire process, ending with seeing robotic machines cutting the heads to the drill bits into the shapes and sizes they needed to be for the company.

Learning about how strong metal was, watching the robots in action, holding the sharp material in their hands, and watching production in action were some highlights for the students.

Observing liquid washing over parts while they were in the CNC machines, students learned it was oil, which is then filtered through a machine that cools it and the oil is reused. The machines hold 100-150 gallons of oil, with larger machines holding up to 250 gallons, all of which is filtered and reused. Filters for the machines are changed and the oil stays very clear with the strong filtration system.

Students were able to observe a variety of machines in use and watch employees work on the different. They all stated that they enjoyed the tour and would be interested in doing other tours.


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