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New BRES (Barrier Removal Employment Success) funding is making a difference for those struggling!

October - A client came into the Grayling Michigan Works! office after 4:00 from her drive home from working in Boyne City, upset that her engine was ticking and she knew she was very low on oil. She was desperate hoping we could help, as she had no funds available for repairs. MW staff immediately started contacting auto repair shops to see if they would take our BRES support services vouchers. Grayling Car Care came to the rescue, giving the client a much-needed emergency oil change (before her car became undriveable). The client was so appreciative and thankful that we were able to help and the car repair shop said they’d be happy to help other clients (and accept our vouchers) in the future. Grayling’s Business Solutions Professional, Alayne Hansen, was especially touched to witness the event, stating, “I get so caught up in employer relations, it’s so cool to be a part of this and witness it—it’s really an important part of our work’s mission.” Beth came into our Michigan Works Northeast Consortium - Cheboygan office in need of assistance with the new job she was starting as a housekeeper for a cleaning company for a local resort. She stated that she was "flat broke" and would need shirts and gas for her truck for the lengthy commute back and forth with work. Rachel with Michigan Works offered to help Beth for the first 2 weeks of employment with the new BRES program until she received her first paycheck to get back on her feet. Without our help, she wouldn't have been able to take this job that she desperately needed for her family. After starting her employment, she mentioned she was in need of further financial assistance to get her truck registered with a license plate and registration at the Secretary of State office. With the funds available with BRES, we were able to provide help with this as well. Beth is very appreciative with the services that we have provided for her with this much needed fresh start!


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