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NAI Grows by Continuous Employee Training Thanks to Going PRO Talent Fund

Being in Northern Michigan, specific skilled talent can be difficult to find. This is why NAI has invested and trained their own employees to develop with them as they continue to grow. With the support of the Going PRO Talent Fund, NAI has been able to keep investing in their workforce.

In 2022, the Going PRO Talent Fund provided NAI with the opportunity to provide training to its new and existing employees. With an award of $9,405, NAI was able to train three existing and four new employees. Thanks to the Going PRO Talent Fund training dollars, NAI was able to offer training in their specific industry that would not have otherwise been available.

NAI’s Molding Team Leader, Zach Bascom, received training in “Mold Design for Injection Molding”, provided by RJG Academy. This course provided the trainees with the common language and core knowledge to successfully design robust injection molds that meet time, cost, and quality requirements. Thanks to this training, NAI will be able to produce additional products due to the mold training that was utilized.

NAI’s Production Lead, Idamary Smith, completed the course “Problem Solving – Employing the 8D Methodology”, provided by Omnex. This course provided the trainees with the understanding of the team approach to identifying and solving problems, based on the eight-discipline methodology. Trainees learned how to identify problems, analyze for root causes, and evaluate an existing 8D to determine its effectiveness. Thanks to this training, NAI will be able to identify problems, analyze their root causes, and determine preventative actions which should be taken to help improve business operations and lower production costs.

NAI’s Quality Technician, Alice McCovery, completed the course “ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Training for Quality Management Systems,” provided by Omnex. The course provided trainees with the understanding of the conduct necessary for an effective audit and the application of the principles, procedures, and techniques of an audit. Thanks to this training, NAI will be able to identify inefficiencies and unnecessary waste, ultimately improving business operations and lowering production costs.

All courses provided hands-on training for the trainees to utilize their newly developed skills.


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