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MiREACH Helps Northern Michigan Woman Increase Wage by 260%

Alexis came to Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium in May 2021 as a single mom of a 2-year-old. She was working as a waitress in a local establishment to make ends meet, earning $10.50 per hour. She enrolled in the Mid Michigan Community College Nursing program and reached out to Michigan Works! for assistance with tuition, books, mileage assistance, and supportive services.

Alexis faced many hurdles on her journey to finish school and make a better life for herself and her daughter, commuting long distances for the duration of her schooling. She says the mileage reimbursement provided by Michigan Works! made a huge difference.

“There were many days when I didn’t know if I was going to make it home, gas prices were high, the commute long, and I didn’t know if I’d have enough gas to get back to school the next day, but then I would get home and there would be a mileage check from Michigan Works!” says Alexis. “I cannot thank my Michigan Works! Career Advisor Tracy Bohl enough for all of her help and encouragement and always reminding me that I could do this, and I did!”

Alexis completed her training in May 2023 and now holds an Associate Degree in Applied Science with a focus on Nursing. After graduation, she was offered a position at Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan as a Registered Nurse earning $38.26 per hour. An increase of 260% from her previous position! She is continuing her education to complete her Bachelor’s degree as well.


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