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Mio Students Tour Cooper Standard in Fairview

April 7—Twenty Seven students from Mio Schools attended a Talent Tour at Cooper Standard on April 7, 2022. The students were all part of the career tech class led by instructor, Tim McFalda.

The students spent over an hour at the manufacturing plant in Fairview where they were greeted by Cooper Standard staff, learned about the history of the company, what they manufacturer and the many career opportunities available onsite. They also learned the plant has 48,000 square feet of manufacturing space, of the 92,000 square foot building.

Plant Manager, Lance Oldenburg was very impressed at the interaction between the students and Cooper Standard’s staff. They asked a number of questions pertaining to skills sets needed for employment, and how to move up in the company. It was apparent they were very interested in being on the plant tour.

Michigan Works! staff covered Career PathFinder and all the resources the agency provides. The students were quite interested in funding opportunities to help further their education, and what other resources may be available for housing and transportation.


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