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Mio AuSable Students Tour PIE&G

November 7, 2022 – Twenty-three students from Mio Ausable School attended a Talent Tour at Presque Isle Electric & Gas in Onaway. The tour was coordinated by Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professional, Kelli Gallagher, and Youth Career Advisor, Allison Oakes. Students were able to tour the facility, with tour guides giving them overviews of the different areas. Instructors passed around equipment they use, so students could look at and feel the equipment and ask questions. Staff described the entry level positions at PIE&G and what education was required, as well as for advanced positions, including what training is needed to become a lineman. There was also a training unit to teach safety precautions, in case anyone sees a downed line, arcing or sparking lines, as well as a discussion regarding what causes power outages and what to look for. Students also received an overview of underground gas lines, what types of stakes and signs to look for, and the importance of calling “Miss Dig 811” before digging anywhere. A few students expressed interest in pursuing a lineman career and asked further questions regarding education and training requirements. Michigan Works! staff provided information on area training opportunities, the online Pathfinder tool, and Michigan Works! youth services.


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