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MiLEAP Tuition Assistance Helps Many Obtain CDL and Start New Careers

Thanks to Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program tuition assistance funding, many in northern Michigan are getting a chance to start a new career in truck driving. Kurt Stocker, President of Road Warrior Truck Driving School sees the impact of this tuition assistance first hand. Here’s what he has to say about the program.

“The biggest comment that I hear from students is how happy they are to be starting a "career" and not just "another job", a lot of my students would not be able to afford tuition on their own without the help of programs such as Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program .

Another thing that seems to surprise students is how effectively the staff at Michigan Works! works with the staff here at Road Warrior. Any time that a client from MW! puts forth the effort to fill out the required paperwork and complete the approval process they are seamlessly able to transition from a client at MW! to a student here at Road Warrior. At the same time, if a client does not take the process seriously, it can negatively affect their chance for approval which from our perspective can be a good thing because if a client is not serious about their training as a client, it is very unlikely that they will take their training seriously as a student.

Over the past 8 years I have had the privilege of working with many different Michigan Works! offices and I have always been pleased to see the level of commitment the staff has to seeing their clients succeed. Road Warrior Truck Driving School Inc. is proud to utilize the Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program to see our students be able to enter an industry that we all feel very passionately about.

Another thing that we are very proud of is the number of companies that like to recruit from our student body and turn them into full time drivers. These many different companies return time and again to Road Warrior, as their companies and need for drivers grow. At the same time it allows Road Warrior to offer a lifetime of career placement to our students at no cost to them.

At the end of the day it is always rewarding to see an individual go from MW! client, to Road Warrior student, to any number of positions as a professional driver. We look forward to working with Michigan Works and the Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program in the future, allowing us to provide Michigan residents' the opportunity to better themselves professionally, while at the same time providing goods and services that we all benefit from every day.”


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