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Michigan Works! Youth Program Offers Guidance to Aspiring Real Estate Law Student

Izaha was a high school senior looking for assistance with job exploration and post-secondary prep & transition. He began working with Jessie, a Michigan Works! Youth Career Advisor.

After speaking with Izaha and learning his goals, Jessie helped him secure work experience at a local real estate office, as well as provided post-secondary prep and transition assistance, high school completion help, and supportive services.

With Jessie’s help, Izaha found out he was eligible for a Tuition Incentive Program Scholarship. This was college funding assistance that Izaha had no idea he even qualified for! This meant Izaha will be able to attend his first two years at Northern Michigan University with little to no cost. Jessie was also able to help Izaha through the orientation process and to secure housing.

Izaha thought he had a well-planned out career path, starting with a real estate license and then pursuing a career in Real Estate Law, but after his work experience he decided it was best to go directly to real estate law.

Thanks to the support and guidance provided by his Michigan Works! Youth Career Advisor, Izaha has graduated high school and is currently enrolled at Northern Michigan University, pursuing his real estate law career goal.

Izaha says he was grateful for the chance to see what working at a real estate office was like, and that truly helped shape his career path.


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