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Michigan Works! Tuition Assistance Programs Help Education Student Graduate and Land Dream Job

Cassie, a student at Saginaw Valley State University enrolled in the College of Education with a major in English and minor in History, was taking 18 credits a semester, so she struggled to have a job outside of her classes. She began to struggle with tuition costs and finding the finances to pay for everything. She reached out to Michigan Works! for help.

Her Michigan Works! Career Advisor Niki was able to enroll her into two tuition assistance programs to help cover some of her costs.

“Michigan Works! was a huge help when it came to tuition costs,” states Cassie. “Because of the funding assistance I received, I was able to find some relief from the financial struggles and could focus on my studies. The funding they provided also helped pay for my Student Teaching courses, and because they were able to cover some of the cost, I was able to save a bit of money and find a place to live where I wanted to student teach.”

Thanks to the help Michigan Works! provided, Cassie was able to graduate from Saginaw Valley State University with honors and land a job right out of the gate. She was hired by Suttons Bay High School as their English Teacher, which is the school she did her student teaching at.

“The community that I now live and teach in is beautiful and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the support I received from Michigan Works!” says Cassie. “This financial assistance helped ease my worries so I could focus on my studies, and now I’ve been granted an amazing opportunity in a beautiful area.”

“The biggest lesson I learned was that a little help goes a long way,” continues Cassie. “I would not have been able to accomplish what I did if I hadn’t received the assistance from Michigan Works! I often struggle accepting help from outside sources, but the past two years have shown me that outside help is not a bad thing at all!”


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