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Michigan Works! Tuition Assistance Helps Aspiring Lineman Pursue Career Goals

Jacob contacted Michigan Works! looking for tuition assistance after he finished his first year of classes for the Utility Technology program at Alpena Community College (ACC). He was pursuing an Associate degree, but was struggling to pay for his second year of schooling since he was unemployed and had to pay for both tuition and tools for his classes.

Working with the Michigan Works! Michigan Learning & Education Advancement Program Navigator Lauren at ACC, Jacob was able to receive tuition assistance, but it didn’t cover all of his tuition. Lauren put Jacob in contact with his local Michigan Works! office and Career Advisor Niki was able to offer additional tuition assistance.

By working with Michigan Works!, Jacob received funding support for his last two semesters in college, which allowed him to pursue his career goal to work as a lineman. Shortly after graduating he was hired at Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op as a construction laborer, and 6 months later he worked his way up to working as a Utility Locator.


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