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Michigan Works! Training Funding Helps Fight Animal Cruelty

When AuSable Valley Animal Shelter Executive Director Katelyn Gibbons wanted to advance the shelter’s resources by taking an Animal Cruelty Investigator class, the came to Michigan Works! to see if there were any funding programs which could help pay for the training. Katelyn worked with her Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professional Alayne Hanson to secure Incumbent Worker Training funding to help pay for the training.

“The Animal Cruelty Investigator class was excellent,” reports Katelyn Gibbons, Executive Director of AuSable Valley Animal Shelter. “It has advanced my knowledge as an animal welfare advocate and established the AuSable Valley Animal Shelter as a better resource for the community.”

“Now that I have earned my certification I can be deployed as a resource and partner in the event of a hoarding case or puppy mill case where they are often most common in rural areas like Crawford County. I can now conduct investigations of the living conditions of pets and animals when possible abuse or neglect has been reported. This training opens our shelter up to grants not previously attainable because we lacked this certification.”

“I can’t thank Michigan Works! enough for the training dollars awarded to obtain this certification. We are a nonprofit operating on limited funds and we appreciate the support to grow our knowledge and skills to be a better animal welfare agency.”


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