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Michigan Works! Supportive Services Help Couple Prepare to Start Their New Jobs

Husband and wife, James and Carla came in to Michigan Works! together originally seeking assistance with paying for a driver's license. After working with Career Navigator, Chelsea, they realized they would be able to pay for the driver’s license on their own, however, they had both just accepted new jobs and needed assistance with gas and work clothing as well.

Utilizing BRES (Barrier Removal Employment Success) funding, and a grant from Otsego Community Foundation, Chelsea was able to assist Carla with new work clothes for her customer service job. Chelsea utilized BRES funding to help James as well, paying for work clothes and gas to/from work prior to their first paycheck(s).

While they’ve had difficulties paying for basic needs, James and Carla say they’ve learned it’s ok to ask for assistance when you need it. The couple was very thankful to receive the work clothes prior to starting their new jobs.


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