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Michigan Works! Referral Helps Jobseeker Find a Great New Job

Danny came to Michigan Works! for help finding a new job after his seasonal school bus driving position had ended. Not being very tech savvy, Michigan Works! Career Navigator Kelli helped him log in to the Pure Michigan Talent Connect website, search for jobs, and update his resume. She referred him to a position with Habitat for Humanity and he got the job. Unfortunately, it didn’t offer very good pay or benefits, and he was hoping to put his CDL-B to use in a full-time year-round position.

Danny continued working with Kelli to find a better fit and she referred him to Michigan Pure Ice. She helped him check his email and he had received an email from Michigan Pure Ice asking him to call them back. He called and left a voicemail, then left the Michigan Works! office. Before he even left the parking lot, they had called back and he had a phone interview with them! Shortly after that, he was hired! Danny was extremely happy to find this new position, which paid $6/hr more than he was previously making.

Thankful for the help he received at Michigan Works!, Danny tells others, “No computer at home and no smart phone? Michigan Works can help! Everything is done on the computer.”


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