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Michigan Works! Offers Support For Struggling Jobseeker

Lawrence came to Michigan Works! because he was having trouble finding a job. He has an extensive background in construction management, but even after submitting 25-30 applications per week, he kept receiving “no’s” from employers due to his lengthy resume and age.

He began working with Michigan Works! Career Navigator Kelli to revise his resume and highlight his experience. Thanks to Kelli’s guidance and support, Lawrence now has a potential job offer in Lansing.

“Due to Kelli’s support, at her behest I kept trying to find employment and pursued avenues I had not thought about. I now have a potential job in Lansing in which I am supposed to take drug screening and physical for,” says Lawrence. “Michigan Works! has been successful in helping on several different fronts, but the greatest is in being helpful and supportive. I appreciate their interest and persistent suggestions.”

Lawrence says he learned to continue trying and looking for work even when it seemed that he would not qualify. In addition to the resume assistance and support, Kelli is also utilizing BRES funding (Barrier Removal Employment Support) to help Lawrence secure housing and reliable transportation to his new job.


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