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Michigan Works! Keeps Workers Working With Boots, Scrubs, Gas Assistance, and More!

These Boots Were Made for Working

Daryl heard Michigan Works! may be able to assist with gas for his commute to his new job, so he stopped in to the Alpena Michigan Works! office to learn more. During his conversation with Career Navigator, Rebecca, she discovered that he also needed a pair of work boots in order to start his new job. Utilizing the BRES funding (Barrier Removal Employment Success), Rebecca was able to assist Daryl by providing new work boots and a gas voucher for his commute prior to his first paycheck. Daryl’s new employer was conveniently located across the street from the Michigan Works! office, so he was able to stop in right away to let them know he had acquired the necessary boots and could start work the next morning!


Michigan Works! Offers Support Services to CNA in Training

Janelle had been unemployed and unable to find work for a while. She started training to be a CNA, but needed some assistance while waiting for her first paycheck to come in. She came to Michigan Works! hoping they could help her. Thanks to the BRES program (Barrier Removal Employment Success), Michigan Works! was able to provide Janelle with gas vouchers to help her get to her training in Harbor Springs and testing in Traverse City. They also helped Janelle with a past due utility bill and work clothing required for her new career.

Thanks to the assistance Michigan Works! was able to provide, Janelle scored a 93% on her CNA test and is excelling in her coursework. And with her new scrubs, sneakers, and goggles, she’s ready to start her new career as a CNA at The Villa in Petoskey.

Thankful for the help, Janelle says, “I wouldn’t have my lights turned on if Michigan Works! hadn’t helped me out. I was out of work too long and couldn’t afford it. Thank you for everything!”


Michigan Works! Helps Worker Get Road-Ready

Brian did not own a vehicle, or have a job to drive it to. But in the span of two weeks, he was gifted a vehicle and got a job! Unfortunately, he didn’t have the funds he needed to get the car (and himself) ready to drive. With the help of the BRES program (Barrier Removal Employment Success), Michigan Works! was able to help Brian pay for his title and plate fees, as well as get a new working car battery. Thanks to the assistance he received, he is now happily commuting to and from his new job!


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