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Michigan Works! Helps Youth Find Paid Work Experience

Carlee met with Michigan Works! Youth Career Advisor, Jeanie Flory, when she was ready to move to Alpena to pursue her accounting degree. She had just graduated high school and was looking to move to Alpena to be closer to Alpena Community College. Carlee was in need of employment to support herself, and she was also looking for an apartment.

Jeanie enrolled Carlee in the WIOA Youth Program and Jobs for Michigan Graduates (JMG) and began looking for a suitable Paid Work Experience in Alpena. Jeanie was referred to D.P.I. (Decorative Panels International) in Alpena; they recently had a lot of changes and were looking for office help, as well as someone who could do some entry level accounting work. Jeanie set Carlee up with an initial interview and shortly after Sharon with DPI reported that Carlee seemed like a great fit. Carlee completed her Paid Work Experience with D.P.I. in early December. She did so well, she was immediately offered a part-time job which would fit around her school schedule.

In addition to finding Carlee the Paid Work Experience position, Jeanie was able to utilize WIOA funding to pay for Carlee’s mileage to/from work and school, and Carlee’s participation in the JMG program provided her with additional leadership development and team building experience.

Carlee states that she was very excited for the opportunity and the experience.


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