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Michigan Works! Helps With Work Clothes and More

Jennifer came to Michigan Works! hoping for assistance. She was going through a divorce and needing to get back to full-time work. She was hired at Medilodge, but worried about how she would pay for work clothes and gas to/from work.

Michigan Works! Career Navigator Rachel was able to help Jennifer thanks to the Barrier Removal Employment Success program funding. With the help of BRES, Jennifer was able to purchase three sets of scrubs, shoes, a stethoscope, and gas.

Jennifer says, “With the help of Michigan Works!, I have gas and scrubs for my new job. This program has helped very much and I’m so thankful!”

Jennifer will be receiving her temporary CNA certificate and in a few of months she’ll be able to take the state CNA test. She said she learned that there is help out there in the community, you just need to not be afraid to ask for help.


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