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Michigan Works! Helps Weyerhaeuser with Training Funds for Fall Protection Training

Weyerhaeuser HR Manager, Kelly Cipponeri approached her Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professional Alayne Hansen because they had an opportunity to provide a specialized Fall Protection Training to a few team members and were hoping that Michigan Works! may be able to assist with the training costs. Alayne utilized Incumbent Worker Training funding to allow three Weyerhaeuser employees to receive EM385 Fall Protection Training.

Kelly reports that they had a need for that specific skill set in the mill and now with three certified fall protection specialists, they will help keep their whole team safe by training others on fall protection as well.

The individuals who received the training are now certified fall protection equipment inspectors. Their skill set has been enhanced and they will be able to perform the specialized duty of inspecting all of Weyerhaeuser’s fall protection gear. In addition, they can now train others in the mill and be a resource for others on how to properly use fall protection.

“Enhancing the skills of all our employees and retaining trainers in fall protection will provide a competitive advantage,” says Kelly. “The Grant provided an amazing opportunity for our team. We were able to enhance the skill of a few members. These members now inspect all of our fall protection gear so we don't have to use a 3rd party which can be costly, and these members can train others on proper use of the gear.”


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