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Michigan Works! Helps Single Mom on Path to Self-Sufficiency

Jordan is a PATH participant working with Career Advisor, Jackie Gransden, at the Grayling Michigan Works! She started the program with a goal of completing her GED/HSE by the time Houghton Lake High’s graduation would be held. As a single mother of two little girls, she knew it would be difficult.

Working with her Career Advisor, Jordan completed the AEP period and began working with the Houghton Lake High Adult Ed program. Michigan Works! was able to provide Jordan a laptop for her to do her adult ed work online.

While working with Jackie, she continued to meet her work participation requirements and received transitional support services to help her on her road to self-sufficiency. She also gained employment experience by working with the apartment manager where she lives. Within a few months, Jordan had received her high school equivalency and was able to attend and walk the Houghton Lake High School graduation – she even gave a speech at the event!

Jordan is now working towards enrolling with Kirtland Community College to eventually become a teacher. Jordan realized that working, going to school, and being a mom is a challenge, but it can be done.

“I can do anything I put my mind to,” says Jordan. "I realized I love working with children and hope to be able to teach our next generation."


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